I’m Vijay and these are my thoughts on two decades of work, life, play and love. Wow, next year it’ll be 20-years. From relocations to engineering principles, management styles to values, diversity to H1-Bs, I’ll cover them all and have struggled through them all. My hope is to help just one person reading, resolve some of these sooner, at least learn about them.

My background is in software engineering. I reluctantly became a technical lead, and then a manager, a director and then a CTO. Promotions were a matter of effort and persistence, not planning and career ladders. I loved working with the JVM, Ops/Security and Infrastructure, and distributed systems.

I learnt during that time that I love working with people even more than technology. Technology comes and goes, but something about championing and coaching teams brings out the best in me. And tends to correlate with good memories for me.

I’ve learnt a lot about myself, what works, what doesn’t work and hope to share these lessons with the reader. I hope to help one reader at a time.